Record Store Day

Here are six Northern New England stores that offer a wide variety of vinyl records

For many audiophiles, vinyl records scratch a musical itch that digital downloads just can’t reach. Take a road trip through Northern New England on Record Store Day, April 21, when indie shops host events, special releases, sales, and more. 

The idea for the now-global Record Store Day originated with Chris Brown, CFO of Maine-based chain Bull Moose, which sells music, movies, books, and video games. Keene, New Hampshire, is the newest of its 12 Maine and New Hampshire locations. “Bull Moose is a giant room full of culture and people who love it,” Brown says.

Looking for punk, funk, or how-to-train-your-dog recordings? “Sure as heck, we’ve got it,” says Rebecca Maloney, manager of Skele-Tone Records in Rochester, New Hampshire. Find mostly vintage records, as well as 45s, CDs, cassette tapes, and eight-tracks, plus audio equipment like speakers and vintage turntables.

Stop by In the Moment Records in Brattleboro, Vermont, on Friday nights not only to browse a selection of about 10,000 records but also for the shop’s weekly BYOB listening parties. Discover “everything from Slayer to bird calls from the Audubon Society,” plus limited-edition screen-printed gig posters, says owner Byron Greatorex.

Burlington Records in Burlington, Vermont, is known for its rare finds at fair prices. That includes a healthy selection of jazz and avant-garde recordings that are among the thousands of mostly vintage records, says Assistant Manager Matthew Parillo.

Bob Richard has owned the Record Connection in Waterville, Maine, for 37 years with a passion for vinyl records that has never wavered. Visit for an always-changing assortment of vintage vinyl, books, CDs, cassettes, and a room full of records that cost just a dollar. 

Enterprise Records in Portland, Maine, has a solid selection of records in genres like ethnic folk music, experimental classical, hard-to-find jazz, and more. “I like to say I specialize in anything good,” says the store’s owner, who goes by his first name, Bob. “You never know what you’re going to find.”

Photo credit: Quitthistown/Stockimo/Alamy Stock Photo

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