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If you’re an Internet user, chances are your personal information has been exposed. AAA works with Experian® to offer members discounted prices on comprehensive identity theft protection options. Already enrolled? Access your AAA account to upgrade your protection. If you’re ready to get help safeguarding your identity, open a new account now.

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ProtectMyID Platinum

Suited for users with strong online presence, includes social media monitoring, criminal booking data, and more.

ProtectMyID Deluxe

Tailored to moderate Internet users, includes Dark Web surveillance, Social Security Number monitoring, and more.

ProtectMyID Essential

Tailored to moderate Internet users, includes Dark Web surveillance, Social Security Number monitoring, and more.

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Identity theft protection FAQ

All current AAA members are eligible for identity theft services through AAA. You must enroll individually with one of our branch employees, online, or by calling our servicing partner Experian® at 1-844-384-2629.
Yes, ProtectMyID® Essential is free to all eligible AAA members who enroll. It provides basic identity theft monitoring; more comprehensive services are available at member-discounted prices.
No. Identity theft services are unique to a person’s identity, so each individual associated with your membership needs to enroll individually. AAA offers family pricing; contact us for details.
AAA’s identity theft program is a benefit of membership, so you will no longer be able to receive the service if you cancel your membership. If you have the free ProtectMyID® Essential, your enrollment will be canceled. If you have ProtectMyID® Deluxe or ProtectMyID® Platinum, you may retain your plan with our service provider, Experian®, but will no longer receive the AAA discount.
AAA’s identity theft services are designed to be online in order to alert you quickly in the event of an intrusion, but a paper-based version is available for members who do not have an email address and access to the Internet. This service is available only on ProtectMyID® Deluxe and ProtectMyID® Platinum products, not the free ProtectMyID® Essential. To enroll, contact our service partner Experian® at 1-844-384-2629.
Your Social Security Number is your unique identifier used by Experian® to create your credit report(s) and to confirm your identity when you call about your identity theft protection benefit.

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