Are you in the driver's seat when it comes to the information from your car?

Understanding Your Vehicle Data

Your Car “Knows” More Than You Think.

Today’s computer technology in newer vehicles allows them to monitor their condition and identify problems, sometimes before they occur. Your car also tracks your driving habits and learns about you through the smart phone you sync with the vehicle. But there are questions:

  • Who has access to the information from your car?
  • Can you control access to your car’s information?
  • Can you choose who will receive the information from your car for the services you want?

In a recent survey, AAA members say they want more control. The choice should be yours. That is why we support the following safeguards:

  • Transparency: Ensure consumers are informed and understand what information from their cars is being collected and what is transmitted to the automaker.
  • Access: Ensure consumers have access to their car information.
  • Choice: Ensure consumers have the right to control who can access the information from their car and designate other service providers to receive their information to provide needed and wanted services.