Mexico Auto Insurance FAQs

Why do I need Mexico Insurance?

The only insurance coverage recognized by the Mexican government are policies issued through an insurance company based in Mexico. According to Mexican law, it is illegal to have an auto accident in Mexico without proper liability insurance.

My U.S. insurance company covers me in Mexico. Do I still need Mexican insurance?

Yes. Some U.S. companies may offer limited coverage for losses that occur in Mexico, such as auto theft or damage, but those policies cannot legally satisfy Mexico’s requirement for liability insurance. The only coverage recognized by the Mexican government are policies issued through an insurance company based in Mexico.

What information is needed to buy a policy?

  • The current registration (or photocopy) for each vehicle you wish to insure
  • For rental vehicles, a rental agreement showing that the vehicle is authorized to enter Mexico
  • If your vehicle is leased or financed, a notarized letter of authorization from the leasing company or lien holder permitting you to take the vehicle into Mexico
  • For a borrowed vehicle, a notarized letter of authorization from the registered owner permitting you to take the vehicle into Mexico

What types of vehicles do you cover?

  • Private passenger vehicles. Vehicles over 20 years old are eligible for civil liability coverage only
  • Boats and personal watercraft while being transported on a trailer only
  • Pickup trucks with or without camper unit sports top or shell. The values of campers, sports tops, or shells must be determined and added to the value of the pickup.
  • Street-legal motorcycles
  • Private passenger vans that hold 15 passengers or less
  • Motor homes (including converted buses)
  • Non-commercial trailers
  • Vans equipped for camping (house cars)
  • Vehicles which do not exceed 1 ½ tons towing capacity (except for motor homes, pickups with camper units, and vans equipped for camping)

What is Travel Gold® Travel Assistance?

TravelGold is excess medical insurance applicable in the event of sudden and unexpected sickness or accidents while traveling in Mexico, covering any medical emergencies and/or accidents while out of the vehicle. Injuries sustained from automobile accidents are covered by the Mexico auto policy medical expenses coverage and do not fall under TravelGold coverage.

Do you offer coverage for boats?

Boats and personal watercraft are only covered while they are being transported on a trailer.

I would like to take my vehicles off-road. Does the policy cover me?

No. All coverage is excluded while the vehicle is being driven off established roads, or on roads that are not in good driving condition.

Do you offer coverage for motorcycles?

Yes, with some conditions:

  • Only street-legal motorcycles are covered. Mopeds, all-terrain vehicles, off-road motorcycles, motorcycles pulling a trailer or sidecar, and dune buggies are not covered.
  • A motorcycle being driven into Mexico may only be covered for civil liability, guaranteed legal assistance and bail, and traveler’s assistance. Damage, theft, medical, and TravelGold coverage are never afforded on any motorcycle driven into or in Mexico.

If I’m involved in an accident, what should I do?

  • Remain at the scene with the parties involved until authorities arrive.
  • Do not accept any responsibility, or make any arrangements with other parties involved.
  • Report all claims to your insurer before leaving Mexico. AAA’s Mexican broker provides a 24-hour, toll-free number for reporting claims in Mexico.

What travel documents are required to enter Mexico?

Visit the U.S. Customs and Border Protection site for travel document requirements.