Triple check your auto policy with a complimentary, no-obligation AAA Auto Insurance Policy Review


Make sure you are getting the services you need the most at the best value

When should my auto policy be reviewed? When you purchase a new vehicle, or need to add a new driver, or even if you simply have moved to a new location, you should re-evaluate your auto insurance needs at the same time, according to AAA. Be sure to check all of the discounts1 below to see if we can save you even more.

Vehicle Discounts

  • Verified Mileage Discount: Save up to 19.1% (depending on vehicle's annual mileage) for supplying current odometer readings when requested

Policy Discounts

  • Multi-vehicle
    Save up to 27.3% when you insure two or more automobiles on select coverages

  • Auto + Home + Life
    Save up to 19.4% on your auto insurance and up to 20% on your home insurance when you combine AAA home, auto, and life insurance policies

  • Loyalty Discount
    Save up to 5.6% with continuous insurance coverage with AAA for at least one year

Driver Discounts

  • Good Driver Discount: Save 20% on all coverages

  • Good Student Discount: Save up to 14.3% on select coverages

  • Alumni Association Discount: Save up to 7.4% if you are a current member of a four-year college or university alumni association

  • Professional Discount: Save up to 7.4% for qualifying professions



AAA Membership Number or Policy Number
Driver License
Vehicle Identification Number
Lienholder Information
Current Odometer Reading
Proof Related to Good Student Discount

Read the policy document ahead of time and ask questions about terms or conditions you don’t understand.

Ask your agent to list all the discounts that can apply to policyholders. Most insurance companies add discounts over time, and you may now qualify for a discount that was once unavailable.

Make sure your liability coverage adequately protects you and your assets. As people accumulate assets such as real estate and stock portfolios, their liability coverage should also increase.

Make sure you are comfortable with the deductible option you have chosen for your policy. There are a variety of options available.

Consider whether you will have access to a car if your car has to stay in the shop for a week or more. If not, you may need rental car coverage on your auto policy.

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1Discounts may apply to select coverages and specific drivers, vary by policy and are conditional. The amount of the Verified Mileage Discount depends on and varies with your vehicle’s annual mileage category.

AAA personal lines insurance is provided to qualified Auto Club members by the Interinsurance Exchange of the Automobile Club. CA DOI Lic. #0003259.