Frequently Asked Questions—Property Claims

Having the following information before reporting your loss will be helpful:

  • When did the loss occur?
  • If known, what caused the loss?
  • What property was damaged?
  • For theft claims, were the police contacted and, if available, the police report number.
  • For injury claims, names and contact information of the injured person(s) and witnesses, when available.

Yes, the police should be contacted for all theft and burglary claims.

While having the information above is helpful, we recommend that you report your claim as soon as possible after your loss. You can always provide additional information and updates to your claims adjuster during the claims process. It is very important to take steps to protect your property from further damage, so be sure to notify us promptly when you have a claim. This will allow us an opportunity to inspect the damaged property in order to investigate your claim.

It is important that any emergency repairs are addressed as soon as possible. When you file your claim, you may ask if your situation qualifies for a referral through AAA’s network of pre-qualified contractors. This network is available to assist your emergency claims situation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

While there are many advantages to using a pre-approved contractor, you have the choice on who ultimately provides services for your home. Note that coverage for emergency services may be subject to the terms and conditions of your policy and your policy deductible.

If you need to complete temporary repairs, do so. However, we may not know if your loss is covered until a claims investigation is complete. You may request a referral through AAA’s network of pre-qualified contractors to assist you with temporary repairs. If you elect to complete temporary repairs, please photograph the area before, during, and after. If the photos are not clear, the adjuster may not be able to determine coverage, so please make sure the photos clearly show the area before you start. Remember to also keep receipts for temporary repairs, and when possible, save the original parts that were fixed.

Each claim situation is unique and will need to be reviewed within the terms and conditions of your policy contract. When your claim is assigned, your adjuster will discuss what your insurance policy covers as it relates to your situation, investigate your loss, and answer any questions you have. In some circumstances we will not know if your loss is covered until a claims investigation is completed, but it is our goal to determine coverage for your loss as quickly as possible.

If someone files a claim against you, we will complete an investigation on your behalf to determine if you are legally liable for the damages claimed.

Report your claim immediately. Additional living expenses are provided for covered losses in the event your home is uninhabitable. We can assist you in finding temporary housing if needed.

It has become a common industry practice to partially base insurance rates on claims activity. There are multiple claims factors that are considered in determining future premium rate changes such as the type, cause, and frequency of losses. Based on your loss type, a claim may cause an increase in your next renewal premium.

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