Turn your retirement savings into a secure income stream


Turn your retirement savings into a secure income stream

Have a nest egg, but worried about market fluctuations and how long you’ll need to make the money last? AAA offers two kinds of annuities to help bring stability to your retirement plan.

With the Platinum Bonus Annuity, you can earn interest on your retirement savings now and pay taxes later. Or, with our Guaranteed Income Annuity, you can transform some or all of your funds into immediate regular payments that you and your spouse can never outlive. Take a look at the comparison below and see which option best suits your needs.

Annuity Options

Guaranteed Income Annuity

A competitive payout rate from a name you can trust.

Fixed income payments that are not subject to market fluctuations

A lump sum withdrawal can be taken should an unexpected need for funds arise

Supplements your retirement by providing an income stream for a lifetime, or for a shorter period you choose


Platinum Bonus Annuity®

Enjoy a competitive interest rate and first-year bonus

Maximize your earnings through the power of tax-deferral

Take a free withdrawal once per contract year, up to 10% of the accumulated value (certain limits and restrictions apply)

Comes with a 5-year term



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Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft Protection

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Roadside Assistance

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Annuities offered by AAA Life Insurance Company, Livonia, MI. See your contract for specific benefits provided. Benefits may be taxable. Interest rates are based on current rates and are subject to change without notice. All rates shown are annual effective yields. The first-year declared interest rate is guaranteed for the first contract year only and is separate from the guaranteed minimum rate effective for all contract years. Annuities are not short-term products. During the surrender charge period, withdrawals exceeding 10% will be subject to a surrender charge that may be higher than fees associated with other types of financial products and may reduce principal. See contract for specific details of the surrender charge schedule. Withdrawals prior to 59 ½ may be subject to IRS penalties, separate from the annuity’s schedule of surrender charges. IRAs and Qualified Plans already provide tax-deferral of earnings. There is no additional benefit from the annuity's tax-deferral feature. An annuity should be used to fund an IRA when its features, other than its, deferral, are beneficial. AAA Life and its agents do not provide legal or tax advice. Therefore, you may wish to seek independent legal, tax, or financial advice to see if annuities are right for you.

Life insurance underwritten and annuities offered by our affiliate AAA Life Insurance Company, Livonia, MI. AAA Life Insurance Company is licensed in all states except NY. AAA Life CA Certificate of Authority #07861. Automobile Club of Southern California acts as an agent for its affiliate, AAA Life Insurance Company. CA Dept. of Insurance License #0003259. ICC14-4120, SPIA-4120 (In OR: ICC14-4120)