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As the saying goes, love is blind, especially when passion and excitement override all other available information. But before you tie the knot—no matter how confident you are in your future union—check in with your mate and be sure your financial visions are aligned.

Even though you will each have your own credit score and credit report your finances, just like your lives, will be intertwined. Each of your individual credit histories will affect your ability to be approved for your new apartment or impact the mortgage rate you can qualify for.

Everyone has a history, both personal and financial. Your pre-nuptial discussions should include full disclosure in terms of credit and debt. More specifically, it’s important to share how much debt each of you has (student loans, car loan, credit card, etc.), what’s on your credit reports, and to form a plan for paying off existing debt and building a solid financial future.

Once you know each other’s credit history, you should communicate how you both intend to protect your assets together. Nothing derails a financial goal quite like identity theft, but with a little precaution, it can be prevented.

For those looking to keep their newly blossoming marriage safe against identity thieves, AAA offers identity monitoring to members with enrollment in ProtectMyID®, a provider of identity theft detection, protection, and fraud resolution.

Money can be one of the biggest sources of stress in a marriage. Being on the same page in terms of your financial goals and how to spend and manage money can help make happily ever after a reality.

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