It's not about Trust. It's about inexperience

No matter how good a student or how much you trust your teen, they are still an inexperienced driver. Let AAA help you coach your teen to become a better driver with the AAA OnBoard® Teen Safe Driver program.

The AAA OnBoard Teen Safe Driver Program offers you and your teen driver a unique opportunity to participate in a program encouraging responsible driving habits. Through the use of a website and in-vehicle device, you can identify your teen’s driving behaviors. This information is invaluable to help open the lines of communication between you and your teen driver as you coach them about responsible driving habits.


AAA OnBoard Device

OnBoard Alerts

OnBoard Boundaries

How hard is it to install the AAA OnBoard device?

Not hard at all. The AAA OnBoard device is easy-to-install. You can install it yourself, or one of our participating AAA Approved Auto Repair facilities can do it for you.

Best of all, this program is free to our members and their teens who are AAA OnBoard Insured Program users.

Using the AAA OnBoard Teen Safe Driver device and website, you can:

  • Create boundary alerts to notify you when your teen arrives or leaves a location, such as school, sporting events, concerts, or work
  • Receive an alert when the AAA OnBoard device has been disconnected and then re-connected
  • Set speed alerts to automatically notify you through email and/or text when the set speed limit is exceeded
  • Configure curfew alerts to identify the times when you allow your teen to drive
  • View your teen’s vehicle trip history which includes the date and time of the trip as well as starting and ending locations
  • With a click of a button, use the website to instantly locate your teen’s vehicle when you are worried
  • AAA OnBoard can automatically send vehicle location when calling Emergency Roadside Assistance


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AAA OnBoard Teen Safe Driver Program is a pilot program to test new services. It is available to insured members with a teen driver both insured by Interinsurance Exchange of the Automobile Club. Certain restrictions and limits apply. Eligible insured members must accept the Terms of Use to participate. All AAA OnBoard services are dependent on wireless and GPS coverage. Ask your insurance sales agent for more information.